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Mobile LearningIn 2010, the top 5 adopters of mLearning were the U.S., Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Together these 5 countries accounted for about 70% of the 2010 market.

By 2015 they will account for only 40% with the highest growth rates in China, India, Indonesia, and Brazil.

(Source: Ambient Insight’s Market Report on mLearning)

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Mobile Learning Resource List

Today, released The Mobile Learning Revolution: 101 Top Resources

Education and mobile technology are two spheres with a lot of serious bloggers, which is great for anyone who wants to read up on mobile learning, because both education bloggers and tech bloggers tend to cover the subject in great detail. These sites feature articles on all sorts of education technology, and their coverage of mobile learning  (#mLearning) is especially informative.

Valuable Mobile Learning (mLearning) Resources

The list is a valuable collection of 101 resources, divided into three sections,  including:

  • Tools & Applications
  • News & Blogs
  • General Resources

I’m grateful to be included in the list and humbled to be included among such great company!

Check-out the The Mobile Learning Revolution: 101 Top Resources


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Mobile Learning– Younger & Younger

I have six nieces and nephews under 10 and all of them are avid mobile learners. Some have their own ipads, a couple have other tablets and all of them can use their parents’ smartphones like pros. In fact, my sister-in-law joked that when she’s talking about things with her two boys, THEY tell her there’s never a reason not to know an answer. “Just use your iPhone” they’ll say!

Below find the latest research from PARENTS on early childhood use of mobile devices. The Infographic is compelling in its detail and the full (public) report is available from the download link.

Parents recognize the benefits.

Seventy-one percent of parents say mobile devices open up learning opportunities while, 62 percent say the devices benefit students’ learning and 59 percent say the devices engage students in the classroom. (see infographic below for a comprehensive list of statistics)

Parents are ready for change.

Forty-five percent of parents say they plan to buy, or have already bought, a mobile device to support their child’s learning. (use the download link below for the full report)

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Parents want to collaborate with educators.

Forty-three percent of parents say they need help finding good educational apps for their children.

Gunwald and Associates created the infographic below which also contains other interesting survey results.  What catches your attention about the future or mobile learning as it occurs at younger and younger ages?



Mobile Learning - Parents Thoughts About Mobile Devices for Early Childhood and K-12 Learning


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