Facebook is a fun way for kids to stay in contact with family and friends, but studies have shown it is also the preferred victim selection tool for many online predators. In 2009 alone, Facebook reported removing over 5500 sex offenders from its social networking site. Today online criminals are getting sneakier and harder to detect. No one, including Facebook, has been able to determine how many online criminals are able to slip past Facebooks user screening process on a daily basis. The Facebook website has many built-in security features such as customizable privacy settings and the ability to block unwanted cyber bullies and stalkers; but many kids lack the knowledge and maturity to know how to keep themselves safe. Watch this video to learn the Top Three Mistakes Kids Make On Facebook and how to come to their rescue.

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  1. AmyBieber2012

    parents dont stalk us like that..´╗┐ DO they? O.e
    but this is a good idea..

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    interesting, please check´╗┐ out our e-safety videos

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