This piece aired on PBS NewsHour on February 23, 2012. As reported (and produced) by John Tulenko of Learning Matters, it discusses the pros and cons of going to school completely online for K-12 learners. You likely know the traditional model of schooling: a teacher, in front of a class, imparting lessons and knowledge. But what happens when you involve webcams, not seeing your students, lack of personal engagement, and more? Check out this piece for insight.

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A long-time technology enthusiast who, in the mid 80's, thought the internet might be something that would catch-on, so he taught himself programming. That started him on a very satisfying road as a course developer, trainer, online teacher and elearning evangelist. Thirty years later, he fancies himself to be a "futurist" and "thought leader".... those thoughts are more about learning that doesn't involve expensive technology and a vision of the future that makes education more critical than ever! More information at:

4 Responses to “Learning Matters: Cyber Schools: Virtual Innovation?”

  1. torankrai

    this video is so biased against PA schools, that they were trying to break it! give choice to parents. the money belongs to the child not schools districts. parents need choice. PBS is the government and is backing the public school system. pbs needs to be eliminated for this biased communist report. Go PA schools, I support u!

  2. TambriaMoore

    isolation – check out the effects on the mind. The world does not function in isolation

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