Gamification Basics


This is a fantastic video discussing Gamification Basics comparing the engagement of real-world leisure activities that use advances in science,  to our work and educational systems which have not advanced.

The argument is that businesses are using Behavioral Modification techniques (B.F. Skinner) to increase our engagement and that we’re becoming less productive at work in school because of the difference.

They’re careful to be clear that there is a potential for “good” and “bad” when gamification is applied to any of the three areas.

Listen for these key phrases:

  • Crisis of engagement in the real-world
  • shape our consumption beneficial to them
  • be wary because somebody out there is going to try to use it against you

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21 Responses to “Gamification Basics”

  1. almostlastplace

    Was this inspired by the "Gamepoclypse" lecture?

  2. tsetsoooo

    >sees intelligent discussion
    >makes no effort to add to it
    Thinking is hard derp !

  3. MrToastOmnomnom

    I come for the games stay for the life lessons.

  4. themangOMEGA

    >sees picture of Pinkie Pie
    >doesn’t make a comment abou–
    oh wait…

  5. testoftetris

    wow, you guys oughtta call on Erin more often. Like her style quite a bit.

  6. Terryracoon

    *pinkie pie flashes on screen for a split-second*
    *opens up comment page and begins refreshing it every 5 seconds waiting for hater comments to pile up*

  7. MiketheUser

    >refrencing about the fun, by picture from MLP for just a 1 second
    >get a horde of bronies

  8. callofgears91

    hahaha I have to admit I giggled at sudden Pinkie Pie pic, but still a pretty interesting video, also I liked the art style of the substitute artist

  9. 0hourbraker0

    Here’s a little thought.
    If you try to incorporate our work and school time with our leisure time, what will happen to our free time?
    If we start making our work more and more casual and appealing, our free, relaxing time will be cut shorter. Thus making people eventually more stressed and tense. Furthermore making them less productive.
    Because like we all know, jobs and schools have deadlines and those deadlines aren’t present in our leisure time. I don’t want to be the party pooper, but think

  10. ZigTheHunter

    Honestly, I have always done this sort of thing in my head from time to time to help me get through something boring or tedious.

  11. slydevil392

    Not to be confused with "Gammafication" which would be turning someone into a green rage-monster.

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