1.By 2015 80% of people will be accessing the Internet from mobile devices.
2.In 2012, 65% of workers declared their mobile devices to be their “most critical work device.”
3.65% of information searches started on a smartphone with 64% of these searches continued on a PC or tablet.
4.99% of mobile learners believed the format and presentation enhanced their learning
5.75% of mobile learners praised the convenience and time management benefits
6.46% of mobile workers would pic a smartphone over a tablet or a laptop as their favorite device
7.45% spend less time in training with no lost of comprehension
8.Mobile learners study 40 minutes more each week by studying everywhere they go.
9.Users studying on mobile devices are 3 times more likely to track their progress.
10.Students with smartphones are twice as likely to study between 6am and 8am.


Source: http://www.mnalearning.com