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If you’ve been searching, your quest is completed–you’ve caught me and now I must confess:  Kevin Corbett is the Ed-Tech Ninja!

About EdTech

EdTech is a study and ethical practice for facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources. In other words, use of technology in. form of products/apps/tools to enhance learning, pedagogy and instruction.
~Definition from the EdTech Review Dictionary

Simply, it’s my passion for EDUCATION, mixed with my personal interest in TECHNOLOGY = EdTech

But wait! How’d the NINJA part get in there???

About Ninjas

I’ve been involved with EdTech for years and like the warriors of feudal Japan, the two kanji depicted below and associated with the ninja were stealth & invisibility.  (“ninja” is actually a Chinese word).  Yeah, I know….not very stealthy when I’m public on social media and the EdTech Ninja is on the web….but, I like to think there are many other valuable services I provide to education behind the scenes.

Ninja were regular foot soldiers, typically from lower class backgrounds, who turned to mercenary work and covert operations for money. They favored stealth tactics because undercover work was cheap — no need to buy expensive samurai armor and katanas.

Though there had always been a fantasy component to ninjas, in the late 1990s they became science fictional too. And nothing could exemplify our era of “code ninjas” more than Neo, inside the cyberworld of the Matrix, getting software downloaded into his brain which allows him to say, “I know kung fu.” Of course SF authors like William Gibson had long associated Japanese pop culture with computer-dominated futures, but it wasn’t until the Matrix trilogy that audiences were able to see a gorgeous, big-budget film that perfectly melded the glories of a Bruce Lee fight scene with the wonders of computer graphics.

That was the moment when a generation of internet “wizards” gave way to our current generation of web “ninjas.”

From: Why Americans Became Obsessed With Ninjas

And there you have it, why Kevin Corbett is the EdTech Ninja …because, EdTech Wizard or EdTech Guru simply weren’t appealing and EdTech Ninja is FUN!

EdTech Ninja

EdTech Ninja


….more Ninja personal facts,

Beside being a HUGE fan of the matrix and spending most of my life in a variety of martial arts, I really enjoy Fruit Ninja with the XBOX Kinect and have a personal record of playing nearly 3 hours in front of a big screen (which is only 1/20th of the time I’ve sat during a single time “coding” for education).
And for those of you who have asked…Yes, I kind of like the four anthropomorphic Teenage Mutant NINJA Turtles too (and surprised at the gruesome death of Donatello).


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