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A long-time technology enthusiast who, in the mid 80's, thought the internet might be something that would catch-on, so he taught himself programming. That started him on a very satisfying road as a course developer, trainer, online teacher and elearning evangelist. Thirty years later, he fancies himself to be a "futurist" and "thought leader".... those thoughts are more about learning that doesn't involve expensive technology and a vision of the future that makes education more critical than ever! More information at:

21 Responses to “The iSchool initiative (Mobile Learning)”

  1. vickyhaxton392

    but its just an ipad, and i dont like how it wouldnt let u on the internet for like fb, its kinda rubish:/, now that av seen the end:/

  2. vickyhaxton392

    this would be good because we wouldnt have to bring a heavy we would just have to bring a ipod:D

  3. computerlady710

    think it’s because Apple has the Apps to support effective learning with technology. The iOS provides an easy way for teachers to teach students the way THEY learn. It also provides multiple ways to expand knowledge, organize & communicate. If you are honest you will admit NO other company can come close to what Apple offers in its iOS. At least to this date. Who knows… but Apple doesn’t own the letter "i" do they? There are other products out there with the letter "i".

  4. diop18

    I have been trying to teach this way for years. My district is in the very same shape that you described. I am so frustrated because last year we supposed to be so broke, yet all of the principals received new Ipads, and here I am an Electrical Engineer trying to teach math to students with below average skills and I have no SmartBoard, yet English teachers have a one and laptops! It’s so backwards that I just broke down and bought my own projector!

  5. notheotherklaus

    many good ideas, but
    1. why call it iSchool, only favours Apple, who are only too keen to build systsme that are incompatible with others
    2. why not develop this with open source systems, that is, free and democratic
    3. large companies like Its Leaning and Blackboard are already developing similar solutions

    But keep up the good work!


  6. mickeydee23

    I am a middle-school teacher and from a standpoint of money savings and interactivity, I believe the iSchool will be the wave of the future. Just from the standpoint of cost-savings on the price of books. Can you imagine having textbooks that are interactive and in electronic format; a means of updating your curriculum by downloading the latest updates? This is truly where we should be and I only hope that those in power will listen before we become "last" in the technological revolution.

  7. 11dmac92

    Thanks for the reply! Makes sense that I would at least try the touchscreen first to see how I like it rather than outright buying a $100 Zaggmate or something. I’ll also be sure to make a note of those two places for books as I get closer to making the purchase of my iPad in the coming months. I guess I could ask if you know of any good apps for an Engineering major? Since I am not an owner of any Apple products, I am unaware of how extensive their apps are. 😛

  8. iSchoolinitiative

    Thanks for the question. First, I would just like to suggest having you use the iPad without buying a wireless keyboard at first. You may find you like typing on the touch screen. I get most of me textbooks 1 of 2 ways right now. I either pull it directly off the online site where I purchased it, for example connect books from Mcgraw hill. The second way I access a lot of my textbooks is through an app called coursesmart. Please feel free to ask any other questions!

  9. 11dmac92

    That is great to hear! I’m actually thinking of investing in an iPad 2 and wireless keyboard to replace a traditional laptop for my freshman year in college. It is so versatile+totally beats lugging around notebooks+textbooks! I have one huge question though. Where is the best place to find college textbooks for the iPad? I’ve seen many people state various places including amazon and what few are on inkling. Are there any other places a freshman could get most of their books?

  10. iSchoolinitiative

    Thank you for your comment. I actually use my iPad and only my iPad in all of my college courses. I am a digital learner. I do not own books, printers, ink, paper, or pencils. With the iPad and iPod touch I can take notes, research papers, use it as a graphing calculator and even do things like create music. All of this in under 1.5 pounds! Compared to most of my fellow students who carry over 50 pounds of books, etc. My iPad has completely revolutionized the way I do education.

  11. brandofo

    Why would you want to remove pencils and paper completely from schools? Certainly they would still serve some purpose even if every student had an iPod.

    I wouldn’t describe printing books as "wasting precious natural resources." Maybe the children in Congo who are being forced to work in dangerous mines to extract the metals needed to make iPods for privileged populations could be considered a waste of natural resources.

    However, I am sure your idea could generate large profits for Apple.

  12. brandofo

    This is a neat idea and all, but I have some questions.

    How is this different from when Duke gave every incoming freshmen an iPod back in 2004? Was that program effective at Duke?

    You mention that the iPod has powerful applications that can teach students about the periodic table, US presidents, and the planets. That sounds great for elementary and middle school students, but the educational value that these apps would provide for college students is questionable.

  13. TheKorigMaster

    Great Idea, My school in the UK will use this clip to show a good use of initiative. I think this could revolotionise learing around the world.

  14. iSchoolinitiative

    We are in no way affiliated or funded by Cisco. You may have seen their ad appear from our CNN video but those are ads that CNN puts in their videos.

  15. Armigerous

    You’re on the right track,kid…but you’re going to play hell getting unionized teachers to give this idea the time of day…you only have to look at Madison,Wisconsin to know what you’re up against in that department…but you’ve got my wholehearted support for what that may be worth

  16. iamtheav8r

    these people are Cisco shills. They’re bought and paid for by Cisco.

  17. ambermaem1

    I love this idea but does it have the capability to provide decent penmanship training?  I realize we all use the computer more and more these days but we all still need to learn how to write correctly so we don’t all have the penmanship of a 5 year old.

  18. TheMinistryMan

    Very impressed with the idea and the video was very well made and presented. I am a semi retired teacher trainer from the UK now living in NZ. I hope this idea becomes a reality, because we owe it to the "Igen" kids(born after 1994). Perhaps there are lots of baby boomers like me who are prepared listen and support it.

  19. TheMinistryMan

    Very impressed with the idea and the video was very well made and presented. I am a semi retired teacher trainer from the UK now living in NZ. It hope this idea becomes a reality, because we owe it to the "Igen" kids(born after 1994). Perhaps there are lots of baby boomers like me who are prepared listen and support it.

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