Blended Learning: An Introduction

I shot this video yesterday, as a precursor to a project I’m working on.

Blended Learning is about combining the best aspects of using technology as a tool,  with the expertise of the individual teacher, within a classroom environment, to increase learning.


See more at: where I’ll be aggregating more resources on blended learning.

The second video “4 Blended Learning Models” is at:

Blended Learning: 4 Models for Instruction

This is the 2nd of two videos I  shot leading-up to a project I’m working on.

The Blended Learning Models and definitions are from the work of Clayton Christensen.


Clayton Christensen Institute of Disruptive Innovation

See more at: where I’ll be aggregating more resources on blended learning.

The 7 Most Popular Posts in Educational Technology

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Gamification Basics


This is a fantastic video discussing Gamification Basics comparing the engagement of real-world leisure activities that use advances in science,  to our work and educational systems which have not advanced.

The argument is that businesses are using Behavioral Modification techniques (B.F. Skinner) to increase our engagement and that we’re becoming less productive at work in school because of the difference.

They’re careful to be clear that there is a potential for “good” and “bad” when gamification is applied to any of the three areas.

Listen for these key phrases:

  • Crisis of engagement in the real-world
  • shape our consumption beneficial to them
  • be wary because somebody out there is going to try to use it against you

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