(press "CC" under the timeline for subtitles) The first episode in the series is an introduction to Online Learning and why we use it in the Nordic Armed Forces.

My Online Neighborhood

This animated video is a part of Common Sense Medias comprehensive Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum. It introduces key concepts for students in grades K-3 and offers 3 important rules for being safe online. Use this video in your classroom in conjunction with the lesson plans available at www.commonsensemedia.org This video is licensed under Creative Commons: creativecommons.org Please contact Common Sense Media with questions about our terms of use.

Internet Safety for Kids K-3

Internet safety for kids is a topic getting much attention because children are being exposed to the Internet at a younger and younger age. IUP Communications Media professor Erick Lauber and his student production team at IUPs Digital Media Institute recently produced this video on Internet safety for kids for the Indiana Area School District. It is currently used as part of the in-school training for students in kindergarten through third grade. For this video, Lauber received the Broadcast Education Associations Award of Excellence in the Educational and Instructional Video category. Find out more about IUPs Department of Communications Media: www.iup.edu Find out more about IUPs Digital Media Institute: www.iup.edu

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