The Value of Online Degrees

As more institutions provide opportunities for people to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees online, the question becomes: What Good Are They?


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In the following infographic by Drexel University, they pull together research and employer interviews to see what’s being looked at between online degrees and traditional degrees.

When online degrees meet THREE criteria, they are considered equal to traditional degrees.

  1. The institution is Accredited by Regionally
  2. The online degree is offered by a school with a traditional campus
  3. The school is an Established Brand

 Some factoids from Drexel’s research:

  • US News and World Report will only include REGIONALLY accredited programs in their annual list of Best Online Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs
  • Out of the executives who believe online degrees are equivalent to traditional degrees. ALL say that accreditation is a major factor that makes online degrees more credible. Source: Zogby International Survey and
  • Out of the top 10 online bachelor’s programs in the US, ALL have a traditional campus. Source: US News & World Report
  • 76% of academic leaders believe online degrees are EQUAL to traditional degrees
  • 89% of academic leaders believe online degrees are EQUAL to traditional degrees if the school has a traditional campus.
  • When hiring managers evaluate education credentials, FAVORABILITY of online degrees increased with brick-and-mortar universities.
  • Hiring Managers give online degrees a 42% favorability if it is an online-only university.
  • Hiring Managers give online degrees a 92% favorability if it is a brick-and-mortar university.