A decade ago, MIT broke ground with its OpenCourseWare initiative, which made MIT course materials, such as syllabi and lecture notes, publicly accessible. But over the last five years, MIT Provost L. Rafael Reif has led an effort to move the complete MIT classroom experience online, with video lectures, homework assignments, lab work — and a grade at the end. That project, called MITx, launched late last year. On March 16, Reif announced that MIT Professor Anant Agarwal would step down as director of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) in order to lead MITs Open Learning Enterprise, which will oversee MITxs development. Learn more about Agarwal and MITx at: web.mit.edu From MIT News – MIT launches online learning initiative: web.mit.edu What is MITx?: web.mit.edu

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A long-time technology enthusiast who, in the mid 80's, thought the internet might be something that would catch-on, so he taught himself programming. That started him on a very satisfying road as a course developer, trainer, online teacher and elearning evangelist. Thirty years later, he fancies himself to be a "futurist" and "thought leader".... those thoughts are more about learning that doesn't involve expensive technology and a vision of the future that makes education more critical than ever! More information at: http://kevincorbett.com/who-is-kevin-corbett/

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  1. horos22c

    wow.. just like the worst engineering stereotype – showed *everything* except a URL to get to the damn site. for those who don’t like to squint: mitx.mit.edu

  2. intermender

    Thank you very much, this is amazingly generous to the entire world! May I wish you every success in this great enterprise.

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