Online Learning Presentations

  • NEXT: March 27, 2013- Washington State University Superintendents Certification Program (Spokane)
  • Online Learning. Overview presented to the Washington State Senate Education Committee.
  • Online Learning Program Development. Washington Vocational & Technical Education Conference.
  • Advantages & Pitfalls of Online Learning. Education Exploration Conference (Issaquah).
  • Online Course Development. Superintendent of Public Instruction & Digital Learning Dept.
  • Exemplary Online Learning Program, Online Learning Program Development, Online Course Development, Learning Management Systems (LMS). Educational Service Districts:
    • Bremerton
    • Wenatchee
    • Spokane
  • Online Learning. Washington Association for Alternative Learning (WALA).
  • Online Learning. Central Washington University Teacher Education Program.
  • Online Course Development & Designing Online Courses for Effective Instruction. Northwest e‐Learning Symposium
  • Washington State Office of Superintendent of Instruction (OSPI) Conference
  • Stories from the Bleeding Edge: The Success & Pitfalls of Developing A Successful Online Program. Northwest Council for Computer Education (NCCE) Conference.
  • Get Out of Their Way. Ten case studies which chronicled the power of technology to transform individual students’ lives in amazing ways. (Portland, Oregon)
  • Collaborative Online Projects‐ A Hands‐on Workshop. National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) Workshop. (San Diego, California)
  • Utilizing the Four Powers of the Internet. Kiwanis & Business Roundtable.

Course Development & Consulting

  • Twenty-four courses designed, developed, written, and implemented for high school level Social Studies, Biology, Health, English, and Physical Education. (1999 – present)
  • Consulted and provided direction for the University of Washington Teacher Education Program piloting online learning courses. (1996)
  • Internet Security  (a private course offered in France)

Online Teaching

  • 1999 to present. High School grades in Washington, Louisiana, and Nebraska.
  • 1996. University of Washington