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New Learning Times NLT_LOGOThank you to George Nantwi and New Learning Times for their featured profile!

KevinCorbett_NewLearningTimesProfileIn the interview, I was asked five questions:

  1. How did your educational trajectory and past professional experience shape your current work?
  2. How do you hope your work will change the learning landscape?
  3. What broad trends do you think will have the most impact on learning in the years ahead?
  4. What are you currently working on & what is your next big project?
  5. Who are the most interesting people you are following on Twitter?

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The New Learning Times (NLT) provides daily coverage of the transformation of learning opportunities in the information age for those shaping the future of education. NLT is produced at the EdLab at Teachers College, Columbia University.

The editorial frame for NLT is governed by our understanding of three major trends, which we have termed “The New 3R’s.” Far beyond mere reform, the education sector is undergoing a major Reformation, a profound reconfiguration of the customs, institutions, and relationships that together constitute the foundations for learning opportunities around the world. Spurred by rapid developments in communications and computation, the education sector is also experiencing a Renaissance of new ideas, processes, and possibilities to support learning across the lifespan. The rapid introduction and convergence of these emerging political, technical, and artistic forces is creating the conditions for a Revolution in what is becoming the new learning sector. The New Learning Times seeks to chronicle the major transformation in learning possibilities.

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New Learning Times is a mobile publication about today’s learning landscape covering the latest innovations in education and learning. Content includes edtech reviews, profiles of learning luminaries, and coverage of new ways to contribute to a learning revolution.

About kevin

A long-time technology enthusiast who, in the mid 80's, thought the internet might be something that would catch-on, so he taught himself programming. That started him on a very satisfying road as a course developer, trainer, online teacher and elearning evangelist. Thirty years later, he fancies himself to be a "futurist" and "thought leader".... those thoughts are more about learning that doesn't involve expensive technology and a vision of the future that makes education more critical than ever! More information at: