Smartphone is the ultimate favorite of Mobile Workers.

mobile workersIf mobile workers were to choose only one device, 46 % of those surveyed would select a smartphone over an ipad, tablet or a laptop, as their preferred mobile device.

Mobile consumers surveyed by GfK ranked smartphones first in 11 of 15 common mobile device uses, including searching the Internet, listening to music and filming video. They preferred tablets for game playing, watching TV programs and reading books or magazines.

“The amount of time that people spend using smartphones is creating a sense of comfort that seems to trump concerns about screen size,” commented GfK Media SVP David Tice. “As smartphones become larger and more viewing oriented, they may erode the tablet’s advantages for even long viewing sessions. The fact that Generations X and Y have an almost native ease with smartphones will only accentuate this trend.”

The iPhone still trumps other mobile devices, with 30% of mobile workers selecting it if they had only one choice, followed by an iPad (22%) and a laptop (21%).

(Source: The iPass Global Mobile Workforce Report March, 2012)

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