Joe’s Non-Netbook

This video is from Chris Lehmann and the Science Leadership Academy. I reposted it here form Google Video because of filtering situations and the ability to embed it into my Google Docs Presentation for embedding. You can find the original at

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A long-time technology enthusiast who, in the mid 80's, thought the internet might be something that would catch-on, so he taught himself programming. That started him on a very satisfying road as a course developer, trainer, online teacher and elearning evangelist. Thirty years later, he fancies himself to be a "futurist" and "thought leader".... those thoughts are more about learning that doesn't involve expensive technology and a vision of the future that makes education more critical than ever! More information at:

8 Responses to “Joe’s Non-Netbook”

  1. Aneducator57

    I so love this video. It explains exactly where teachers are with digital natives.

  2. deliboypitt

    That would be great to have laptops for every student…now convince their parents to pay for all the laptops and other technology as well as the  licensing for e-books. Ha!

  3. sabestian

    @sincerelyjenni and @kinsetcupcake This video was not planned. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing, and the teacher had a camera handy. I’m glad he chose to capture it and share it with us. It is a great video to show back to back with the Introducing the Book video

  4. sincerelyjenni

    Haha, me & @kinseycupcake have the same principal. (:
    I love this so much. XD

  5. kinseycupcake

    I love this (x
    My principal just emailed it to me, lol.

  6. KnowclueKidd

    ROFL! What a great way to demonstrate tools are a chang’n. Imagine if we expected students to continue using quill pens and ink after the invention of the pencil.

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