Ben Betts, How to Make Game-based Learning Work for You : Learning Technologies (2013)
Games are addictive. But so are many things that aren’t necessarily good for learning. Still, argues Ben Betts, learning and games work well together, and the research shows it. The question here is how to make it work for you. Not all games and certainly not all technologies will work everywhere. Which approach will work for you and what can you do to ensure you get buy-in without spending too much or going down a blind alley?
Games for learning have been shown to be effective in academic studies stretching back over the last 30 years. Advocates suggest that games create higher-order learning experiences that more thoroughly engage participants in the attainment of learning objectives. However, just because we could use games for learning, doesn’t mean we always should. Failures can be spectacular and expensive. Join Ben Betts in this highly practical round table discussion on the topic of digital games for workplace learning. Ben specializes in the design and development of game-based learning, with a particular focus on social games that take place outside of a 3D virtual environment. The conversation will be shaped by the participants, but we will touch on areas such as:
Is game-based learning destined to sit on the periphery of digital learning?
What does the research say about using games for learning?
What different types of digital games for learning?
What’s the real cost of making a game for learning?
Does Gamification have any place in the game-based learning landscape?