#26acts of Kindness by @BCorbs6

#26acts of Kindness

newtown-logoOver the holiday, my daughter shared Ann Curry’s 26 Random Acts of Kindness movement, to honor the victims of Newtown, Connecticut. We had a good time planning, organizing, and carrying-out our twenty-six acts.

Below is her video of our participation in this movement.

#26acts of Kindness Background

The #26act movement first went viral when NBC News correspondent @AnnCurry, sent a tweet in response to the tragedy at Newtown, Connecticut. https://twitter.com/AnnCurry/status/280345384189059073

Certainly, tragedy shouldn’t be needed to spur acts of kindness yet, performing acts for others and participating in a positive movement of action can help heal.

Documenting these random acts of kindness through social media can inspire others and create a positive “ripple that can land on many shores.”

What started as #20acts — for the children at Sandy Hook Elementary, expanded to #26acts to include the adults at the school. And later, increased to 27 to include all that died that fateful December 14th day.

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