Welcome to the day in the life of the average social teen!

Smartphone App Rules the Day

The proliferation of smartphones continue to increase amongst teens and getting younger all of the time!

  • Today over 95% of teens in the US have access to the Internet
  • Of the above group, 90% are on social media
  • 78% have a smartphone
  • #1 Social Media App for Teens is INSTAGRAM
App Addicted Teen Infographic

Source: http://www.teensafe.com//

The tuition at our nation’s colleges are rising faster than inflation, medical costs, and importantly: the income of 99% of Americans. Four years at a private university now costs as much as a new Ferrari sports car, and a student from a public university can expect to graduate with $25,000 or more in student debt. But, did you ever wonder where all that money is going?

Higher Education Tuition Breakdown


Original Source: http://radioopensource.org/college-budgets/