How are new digital technologies changing how teachers teach and students learn?

Network & Internet Security company Enterasys published the following Infographic based on a recent survey.

How do the results compare against YOUR institution?

Digital Technology in Education: Adoption Rates of New Styles of K-12 Teaching

Here’s a quick list of their findings:

  • 21% Currently Use Digital TEXT BOOKS; 37% plan to move to DIGITAL ONLY in the near future.
  • 40%+ Network Infrastructure INADEQUATE for Digital VIDEO content
  • 84% CAN monitor Student Network Use (CIPA FCC 11-125)
  • 27% canNOT customize student network by grade level (or with difficulty)
  • 46% of schools that plat to exclusively use Online ASSESSMENT for testing.
  • 43% Currently Use OR PLAN to try FLIPPED CLASSROOMS
  • *33% are currently using SOCIAL MEDIA.

PARTICIPATE in my survey

*IF you’re using Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, or Twitter, will you please participate in my online survey?

I’m looking for REAL examples of teaching and learning with Social Media.

GO TO–> Google Survey form. Please share this survey with others and I’ll share back the results! 


Adoption Rates of New Styles of K-12 Teaching


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